Football Helmet Sugar Cookies

Baking Date: October 15, 2010

During homecoming weekend 2010 for our local high school — the Walkersville Lions — our junior football program participated in the festivities. I decided to make a special treat for my son’s coaches, teammates and the cheerleaders for our Saturday game.  I took a Friday off and made football helmet cut-out sugar cookies.

I used refrigerated Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.

I iced the cookies with a powdered sugar/milk mixture in yellow. It should have been more gold than yellow, but I hadn’t discovered Wilton colorings yet.  I hand piped on each kids’ name and number, along with the stylized script Lions.  Here is the stylized script on the helmet (note that I created about 15 with the top of the “L” facing the wrong way before I realized I had done that — and had to correct them.  ARGH!):

Lions script on helmet – my kid #78 and his friend Elias #31 on the offensive line

The 70+ cookies, iced in yellow and waiting for the royal blue piping to begin:

The finished products — hand piped letters using a sandwich bag with the corner cut out.  I have since purchased a set of Wilton icing tips.  Some look better than others — I’ve gotten better at piping since this first attempt.

Post script:  After the game where I had distributed the cookies, I received this e-mail:  “Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into the cookies you have provided the Coaches and Players.  Not only do  they look Great but they taste phenomenal!!!!!!  Ian appreciated his so much, I couldn’t get him to eat it.  He gingerly put his in a tupperware bowl, sealed it with tape, and promptly put it in the freezer upon our arrival home. He did, however, munch on mine  (which incidentally didn’t make it out of the parking lot before I had to split it with him).  Once again, Thank you for your efforts.” 

And that, folks, is why I love to bake.


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