Every Dog Has His … Cake

Baking Date: February 2012

One of my baseball mom friends has a mini dachshund named Roscoe.  Roscoe would come to all the games when her son played on my son’s team.  He was our unofficial team mascot.

When Roscoe turned one year old, I was asked to make a cake for his birthday. The cake was for the people attending the party, not the dogs.  The dogs got biscuits, although I have found recipes for pet friendly cakes.

She wanted a cake in the shape of a dachshund – yikes! I suggested a paw print cake instead.  I used the Wilton paw print pan.  White icing was applied using an icing spatula, frosting that area first.  I then followed the instructions for icing the paw print portion with a tip, with pre-made chocolate frosting. I wrote the letters on with sparkling gel frosting, also from Wilton.

Cake is for people. Puppies get biscuits.

I hear the party guests gave the cake two paws up.


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