Nick’s Birthday Cakes

Baking Date: May 2010

In 2010, I stopped buying pre-made cakes and decided to start making my own.  I use box mixes (whatever is on sale at the grocery store) and pre-made icing.  As a mom who also works outside the home, saving time is key. It’s Semi-Homemade — dessert version.

This was my (very pitifully executed) first attempt at a sheet cake.  It was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  I used colored sugar sprinkles and a very ornery tube of blue icing.  The tip kept clogging — I had a case of the serious meltdowns when the icing would spurt out uncontrollably.

My son Nick had one request: “Please make it say ‘Nick is Fun’!”

Nick is Fun! But that tube of icing was NOT. And Cake Wrecks will probably want to feature it.

Baking Date: May 2011

The following year, I again made Nick his birthday cake.  This was a two-layer round chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. My lettering skills had definitely improved and I had moved on to sparkle gel icing.  Nick’s request for this cake: “Mom, can you please make the cake say ‘Peace Out'”?

Perhaps it should say “Cut me a piece out”

No problem, kiddo!


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