Christmas Cookie Bake 2010

Baking Date: December 2010

While we are busy at my annual cookie bake/decorating/exchange, I also feed everyone lunch.  In 2010, I made a checkerboard Christmas cake for dessert.

I used a white cake mix I colored green and red velvet cake mix.  One thing I did learn – make sure the cake mixes have the same baking time.  The white mix had less of a baking time and it came out a bit more “done” than the red velvet sections.

The three pans with the checkboard cake, along with a pan of heart-shaped mini-cakes for the extra red velvet cake batter

This is two of the layers piled up.  When you place the second layer on, you need to carve it so that it is level.  This makes the checkerboard pattern more effective.

You have to carve the middle layer so that it is even. Not an easy task!

The cake had vanilla frosting, with red & green sugar sprinkles on top.  It was yummy.  Note:  Because of the height of the cake, the layers will start to slide the more pieces you cut.  This is because there is no frosting between layers to keep them together.

You can see the checkerboard layers once you start cutting the cake

My niece Callie enjoys her cake

My son Alex couldn’t even be bothered to use his fork

These are some of the cut out shortbread cookies we decorated.  We typically do sugar, gingerbread and shortbread.  We added shortbread to the list for an uncle who has an egg allergy.  We wanted to make sure he could have cookies!  The icing is powdered sugar/milk, various sprinkles and M&Ms.  The kids are usually the ones who decorate the cookies, but the adults sometimes join the fun.

One plate of the decorated cookies

Everyone brings one set of pre-baked cookies to share with the other folks who come.  We bake gingersnaps during the event and the kids ice the cut out cookies.  Everyone leaves with some of each kind of cookie.

This particular year, I made peppermint gooey butter cookies.  I adjusted the recipe just a bit.  Substitute white cake mix for butter cake mix. Substitute 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint extract for vanilla extract.  Roll cookies in blue, red or green sugar sprinkles instead of powered sugar.

Melt in your mouth goodness!

Baking cookies is fun.  Sharing them with family and friends is great.  But getting together with family to bake, decorate, eat and have a great time around the holidays – awesome!


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