Steelers Cake

Baking Date: December 2010

As you will see from many of my decorated goodies, my husband and boys are part of Steelers Nation.  We watch the games with our friends the Henigins (who have an awesome theater room!) almost each weekend.

This is a triple layer checker board cake.  The inside was dark chocolate and butter cake (“black” and gold).  I don’t have a picture of the inside because I didn’t go to the Henigins to watch this particular game. It was either a Sunday or Monday night game.  And those go on WAY past bedtime for me and our two sons.  My husband still goes over because his schedule is a bit more flexible.

Top down view

Side view

That was also the last time I put a cake on a paper plate.  I now buy the cake boards and boxes to transport them.  It makes it easier to leave the cake behind, and not have to worry about leaving a nice cake carrier to pick up later.


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