Super Bowl XLV

Baking Date: February 2011

The Steelers played against the Packers in Super Bowl XLV. I prepped a special cake and cookies for the party at our friend’s house.

I made gold stars from candy melts.  The small ones were for eating — the bigger ones were part of the decorations for the football cake.  I added lollipop sticks to the candy melts and later added the letters and decorations with sparkling gel frosting.  Note: refrigerate the item once you have applied sparkling gel frosting to the surface – it takes a long time for the gel to set and will run if you try and place anything upright to quickly.

Candy melts prepped for design for the football cake

The football cake was a butter cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla frosting:

Football cake before the candy melts and additional “stitching” were added

The final product!  Super Bowl cake with Steelers stars, as well as favorite players’ numbers on stars:

Round sugar cookies hand decorated with the Steelers logo in vanilla frosting.  The stars are decorated with sparkling gel frosting.

Rolled/cut out gingerbread cookies in round Steelers logos and some heart shapes, decorated with vanilla icing (some dyed black/some dyed pink) and sparkling gel icing.  The Henigin’s daughter Sami loves my cookies and I always try and make some very girly designs for her.  The pink hearts fill that need:


Sugar cookies in the shape of helmets, footballs, circles and a heart.  Decorated with dyed icing.


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