Hen-Inspired. Cake, Not Chicken.

Baking Date: April 2011

This cake was created for our friend Brian Henigin.  His birthday is a BIG deal each year.  For his 39th birthday, the theme was Hen-Zeppelin, as he is a huge Led Zeppelin fan.  He created the image for his party invitation (on the left in the picture), which includes the name of the party, the symbols from an album cover and the tattoo design he created as the watermark/background.

The cake was a butter cake, with vanilla icing dyed black.  I hand-piped on the lettering and image in plain vanilla frosting.

It looked great on the dessert table.

I also created cupcakes with the remaining album logos on them.  There was also one cupcake with lots of pastel sprinkles for their daughter Sami.

Baking Date: April 2012

In 2012 when Brian turned 40, the theme was HenFest 4.0.  The invitation included the tattoo he designed.

This tattoo he designed is on his upper back

I made a butter cake, dyed three different colors because it was checkboard style.  The icing was vanilla and the design was hand-piped on in sparkling black gel frosting.  I sketched/outlined the design in the vanilla frosting with a knife and then filled in the outline with the black icing.

The logo was hand-drawn on by me. Intense!

The cake colors were yellow, blue and red in homage to the Steelers logo.

Taste the rainbow!

The adults were sufficiently impressed with the outside.  The kids LOVED the inside!


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