Triple Play and Birthday Cakes

Baking Date: May 2012

My oldest son plays on a competitive travel baseball team. In the first inning of one of the games this year, the other team loaded the bases.  The next kid hit a grounder to our shortstop, who tagged the runner going from second to third, stepped on second base and fired a throw to first.  It was an inning ending triple play.  The kid is 10!

To celebrate such a special accomplishment, I baked him a chocolate cake.  I made vanilla candy melt stars with letters hand-written on in sparkling red gel icing.  The date was also noted in the vanilla candy melt stars. The baseballs where made of white sparkling gel icing and the stitches are sparkling red gel icing.

Baking Date: May 22, 2012

His mother asked me to make him a cake for his recreational baseball team to help him celebrate his 11th birthday.  He really liked the chocolate cake so I used the same recipe and candy melt stars.

Note: Because the frosting is hot when it goes on the cake, you have to wait for it to cool before you put the candy melts on.  Otherwise they melt!  Save some of the chocolate frosting and use it to “glue” on the candy stars once the frosting has cooled.


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