Fathers Day 2012 – Cupcakes and a Special Cake

Baking Date: June 2012

For Fathers Day, I made the dads on my oldest son’s travel baseball team a treat.  The team’s colors are royal blue, white and black. I made devils food cupcakes with vanilla frosting dyed royal blue.  I made vanilla candy melts in the shape of stars and hand drew on each boys’ uniform number.  The star was placed on top of the cupcake.

In addition, I made the head coach a very special cake. Coach Kutchey had taught the boys the “Beans, Beans” rhyme during the season and kept saying I should make him a butt/fart cake.

I make him this cake.  It was a chocolate sheet cake.  His ‘magic beans’ are the kids’ numbers around the left and bottom hand written in blue sparking gel frosting on white candy melt stars. I hand wrote All ♥ No Farts. The ♥ is a blue heart shaped candy melt. The No Farts was hand lettered on top of a “butt”.  The lettering was done in blue sparkling gel frosting. The butt was cake made from small half circle pans I have.  I cut off a side piece on each half circle, pushing the two halves together.

Please don’t report me to Cake Wrecks.


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