The Magic Number

Baking Date: August 24, 2012

My oldest son’s travel/all star baseball team had a great season.  They won 31 games, which was the most the head coach had won in his more than 20+ years of coaching.  To celebrate, I made a “31” cake for the end-of-the-year party.

I used the letters/numbers pan from Wilton.  The “3” was done in devil’s food and vanilla frosting.  The “1” was done in red velvet (a coach’s favorite), with cream cheese frosting.  Each number was outlined in blue/white/black “gems” (like M&M’s, purchased at Wegman’s).  A blue baseline border was created using dyed vanilla and cream cheese frosting in royal blue.   Blue shimmer dust was added on top.  The team’s colors are royal blue, white and black.

With the extra devil’s food cake mix and frosting, I made some cupcakes, topped with white sugar pearls.

Congrats to the Walkersville Lions 10U Travel/All Star Teams on your terrific season!


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