Happy Birthday Ryan

Baking Date: September 7, 2012

I was asked by one of the baseball team moms to make a cake for her son Ryan. He is a Steelers fan (smart boy!) who just started high school this year.  They have a child with severe food allergies, so they didn’t want a really big cake.  I suggested small stars cakes  spelling out his name, in some sort of Steelers design.

I used the Wilton Mini-Star pan and made a marble cake box mix (marble cake was the birthday boy’s request).  I frosted the stars with canned vanilla frosting, dyed with Wilton icing color in Golden Yellow.  Truthfully, I added a bit too much dye to the frosting, so it came out more orange than I would have liked.

I found the Steelers “font” online and after the stars had been iced, I carved the letters with the sharp end of a knife.  I then filled in the letters with Wilton black sparkle gel icing.  The stars were then outlined using a Wilton icing tip #16 in vanilla icing that had been dyed grey (using a small amount of black dye).

The Steelers logo was added to one of the stars, using grey M&Ms to outline the white circle.  The white circle and logo diamonds in yellow, red and blue where added on using Wilton sparkle gel icing.

Ryan’s cake – side view

Ryan’s cake – top view

Happy Birthday Ryan!


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