NFL Kickoff 2012

Baking Date: September 9, 2012

The kickoff of the NFL season is always an exciting time.  We enjoy community camaraderie and watch the games at our friends the Henigins’ house.  Our kids play with the neighborhood kids, while the adults watch football and cheer on (or bemoan) fantasy team performance.  We have decided that the NFL Red Zone is the best channel ever created.

This year, I made cupcakes, pumpkin chocolate chip mini-loaves and a Steelers cake for kickoff Sunday.

The cupcakes were devils food with vanilla frosting dyed blue and decorated with an “L” for our local high school and junior football teams – The Walkersville Lions.  The other cupcakes were decorated in vanilla frosting dyed purple and decorated for the girls in attendance.

The pumpkin chocolate chip mini-loaves are a personal favorite of the Henigin’s son Josh, and the inspiration for this blog.  It’s these goodies that he called my “sweet sweet muffins”.  The pumpkin bread is a Pillsbury box mix and I add milk chocolate chips to the top before I bake them.

Finally, I made a marble round cake from the left over batter from a recent birthday cake creation. I used the leftover gold and grey icing as well.  I added the Steelers logo on top of the cake in Wilton sparkle gel frosting, outlined in grey M&Ms.

Too bad Peyton Manning and the Broncos ruined kickoff day for us.


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