Kid Kutchey Cake

Baking Date: September 17, 2012

A neighborhood high schooler Josh Kutchey — who also happens to be the son of the coach for my oldest boy’s baseball team — made the 2012 Maryland Futures baseball team.  The team is an elite group of players from the state who participate in tournaments around the country that college scouts attend.  The scouts hope to find new and emerging talents to recruit and the high schoolers hope to show off their incredible baseball talents.

The Maryland Futures played in a tournament in Arizona last weekend.  They went 5 – 0 in tournament play, making it to the semi-finals, the last step before the championship game. They lost in the semi-finals 2-1, but made it further in the tournament than any Maryland Futures team has ever gotten.

I wanted to make Josh (twitter handle @Kid_Kutchey) a special treat and saw this logo on the cap of one of his teammates.  It was from a picture taken at the tournament and posted on Facebook.

Logo for Team Maryland Futures

Why do logos have to be so complicated?

I made a devil’s food cake and used chocolate icing, dyed to black with black food coloring (it’s easier to start with chocolate than vanilla to get to black).  I iced the cake in the evening and let it set overnight.

The next morning, I used the tip of a steak knife to create a freehand outline of the logo in the set frosting. I then used Wilton sparkle gel frostings in white, black, red and yellow to fill in the logo.

I would like to thank my biggest cheerleader — my husband — who, when I showed him the cake, said “Wow, that’s really pretty good. I didn’t think you’d be able to pull it off”.


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