Gooey Butter Cookies

Baking Date:  October 2, 2012

Last weekend as my husband was getting our youngest son out of his football gear in preparation for watching the older son’s game, he dropped the shoulder pads.  And promptly forgot all about them because they landed on the grass and rolled under the car.

We had no idea we were leaving the gear behind as we were leaving the game.  We were nearly out of the parking lot gate, when one of the high school kids (and brother of a kid who plays on our son’s team) ran across the viewing area, around the field and up to our car.  He had the shoulder pads in his hands and told us that after we had pulled out he saw them.

I was so grateful I made the kid a batch of gooey butter cookies.  Because, let’s face it —  cookies are way less expensive than replacement shoulder pads.

Some notes on this recipe:

  • I prefer to make the batter and refrigerate it overnight.  As you roll the dough into balls, it really softens it up, which leads to
  • Spray hands with cooking spray before rolling dough into balls — and remove your jewelry
  • I up the vanilla to a full tablespoon
  • I sift powdered sugar onto the cookies once they have cooled
  • I’ve made this with a variety of cake mixes, which are listed below:

Chocolate cake mix: Use 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract instead of vanilla for mint chocolate flavor.  Or just the regular vanilla for full on chocolate flavor.

Spice cake mix: Use teaspoon of rum instead of vanilla (burns off, so it’s still kid friendly). Roll in cinnamon sugar instead of powdered sugar.

Red velvet cake mix:  All ingredients the same, with the exception of the cake mix.

Pineapple cake mix:  Use 1 tablespoon coconut extract instead of vanilla extract – tastes like a pina colada.


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