Margarita Cupcakes

Baking Date: October 8, 2012

I keep in touch with a number of former professional colleagues, but none have been more helpful than my pals Jennifer and Reid.  We worked together for a number of years at the same organization, until I left in 2011.  They were my biggest cheerleaders and support system as I searched for a new job.  And when I was laid off this year, they again provided encouragement, suggestions and career advice.  I really appreciate how wonderful they’ve been to me.

We try and get together every other month for an “alphabet” lunch.  We find a restaurant that starts with whatever letter we are are up to in the alphabet and get together for a fun nosh fest.

We were up to “T” and had lunch at Tosca on Tuesday.  The meal was FABULOUS – all of us enjoyed our lunch choice. Two thumbs up!

Since it was Reid’s birthday the previous week, I surprised him with a batch of Margarita cupcakes.  We took them back to the office, so I could say hi to former colleagues also. Everyone loved the cupcakes — a recipe with tequila and Grand Marnier in it has to be good!

The alcohol in this does not burn off — just something to keep in mind.  These are definitely adult cupcakes.


4 thoughts on “Margarita Cupcakes

  1. ooh I love the idea of having Alphabet lunchies! I’m totally stealing that idea from you 🙂 Also, great pals like Jennifer and Reid are truly one in a million… glad they were there for you during your darker days 🙂

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