American Girl Cake

Baking Date: October 12, 2012

I was asked to make a cake for an American Girl-themed birthday party. I used a large star pan and mini-star pan from Wilton.  The cake was a plain white cake.  The icing was vanilla, half of it dyed red.

I did my take on the American Girl logo, which is here:

American Girl Logo copyright: 2012 American Girl

In order to prep the cake for icing, I used toothpicks to plot out the inner star, and then outlined it with white sparkle gel frosting:

Plotting out the star design on the cake

I iced the top outside of the star outline in white.  Red icing was used for the inner star, using a #13 Wilton Star tip.  The star was outlined on the top edge with red icing using the same tip.  The sides were decorated with white frosting using a #32 Wilton tip.  Red star-shaped candy melts were used to spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY – the lettering is white sparkle gel frosting.  The top was dusted with red sugar sprinkles.

American Girl Star Birthday Cake

I spelled out the birthday girl’s name using the mini-star cakes.  I did a white icing basket weave pattern on the top using a Wilton #48 tip, after I watched this video on how to make the pattern.  This was ambitious because the area to be frosted was so small.  I would only use basket weave in the future for large areas.

I outlined the stars in red icing using a #13 tip.  I added white icing using the #32 tip on the sides.  Note:  Icing the sides of these cakes is tough when they are so close together. I recommend more space between cakes, or icing them and then using a cake lifter to place them on the display board.

All American Girl Mini Stars

Here are the cakes together

American Girl birthday cakes

Happy Birthday Lauren!


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