Get Well Brownie

Baking Date: October 16, 2012

One of the moms from my kids’ baseball team got stung by a wasp.  Unfortunately, she had a bad reaction very late in the evening. Her husband (an infectious disease specialist) was out of the country on business, so she ended up at a “doc-in-the-box” walk-in clinic to treat what had turned into an infected sting.  The over-achieving wasp stung her not once, but twice. Ouch.

Even more unfortunate was that the medical personnel prescribed her medication in the same family as a pharmaceutical she told them she is allergic to.  She ended up sick (and thankfully nothing worse!) from both the bee stings and the medication.

Enter the get well brownie.  I used a simple milk chocolate brownie box mix, with frosting I made by melting some unsalted butter and milk chocolate chips in the microwave.  I then decorated it with sparkle gel frosting with a No Doc in the Box sign, and a wasp with a trail around the sign.  Because chocolate is the best Rx for any ailment.

Frosted brownie – the best medicine!

Feel better soon, Meredith!


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