Win or Lose – Cupcakes for Everyone!

Baking Date: November 16, 2012

My sons’ football team made it to the SuperBowl this year.  I’ll spare you the suspense – we lost the game 12-6 when the opposing team scored with only 30 seconds left in the game.  It was a heartbreaker after an undefeated season.

But, there’s always next year, right? Well, try telling that to 9 and 10 year old boys who just lost the biggest game of the year, found out one of their coaches is getting ready to be deployed (and his family has orders to move away so their friend won’t be playing with them next year), and had another coach cry during the post-game speech.

But I will say that the boys’ faces were (a little) less sad when the head coach told them I had cupcakes for everyone.  They lined up like true gentlemen, as I handed out the cupcakes.

For the players, I had created devils food cupcakes with royal blue and yellow gold icing piped on.  I then added dots in blue sparkle gel frosting.  I made yellow star candy melts and using the blue sparkle gel frosting, I put each boy’s number on the star.

For the coaches, I made the same cupcakes, but used milk chocolate candy melts in the shape of a football. I piped on the laces with white sparkle gel frosting.

Coach cupcakes, with a few extras

I made extra for any family/friends of the players.

Extras – just frosting

Extras – some with frosting/M&Ms; some with just frosting

Thanks to the players, coaches and families for making it such an amazing season!

2012 GVAA Pony Lions Players & Coaches


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