Tastes Like Turkey

Baking Date: November 24, 2012

One of the moms from my son’s Travel/All Star baseball team is also the proprietor of a local farm. Grape Creek Farm is an ambitious undertaking, considering she is also responsible for 3 very active kids and 1 husband.

She makes soaps and cheeses from goat’s milk, and this year raised Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving.  She also shares the (funny) adventures of her farm life via her Facebook page – go give her like!

The experience of raising turkeys — including chasing them around the farm after a number of escape attempts — resulted in her not wanting to eat any turkey this Thanksgiving.  So, I decided she could have fake turkey — and not the tofu variety!

I made round sugar cookies and then iced them with chocolate frosting.  I added candy corns at the top, M&Ms with a dab of black icing for eyes, piped on yellow icing for the beaks and feet and added multi-colored jimmies.  I made her a big sugar cookie turkey with two rows of candy corn feathers, and added yellow icing piped around the entire edge of the cookie.

The cookies for her kids and husband were smaller in circumference, with one row of candy corn feathers.

The rest of the turkeys will be going to our football watching get-together today.  I used some of the extra candy corns to create flower cookies.

Happy Thanksgiving Meredith – glad you finally got to taste some “turkey”!


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