Bridal Shower Cake

Baking Date: December 3, 2012

I was commissioned to make a cake for a former colleague who is getting married.  After discussing particulars with the organizer, it was decided that red velvet heart-shaped cakes with cream cheese frosting would be the choice.

In addition, the bride’s colors are bright pink and something described as “the brown side of periwinkle”.  I opted not to try to incorporate that, since I have no idea what that color is. Or how bad it might turn out if I attempted to mix colors to achieve it.

I used the 10″ heart-shaped pan from Wilton.  I used a box mix and can frosting, just because I don’t have a scratch recipe for either that I have tried and like. I iced the entire cake with cream cheese frosting.  I hand-piped the message using a script font sample I found on the internet.  I piped on stars in pink around the top edge of the cake, and shells along the base of the cake. Pink heart-shaped candy melts were place on top and around the sides of the cake.

I made 6 mini-heart cakes using a pan my husband gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  I used a #18 tip for piping on mini-stars in cream cheese frosting.  In the center, I placed a candy melt heart, done in white with pink sugar sprinkles added in once the candy had been melted and before I put it in the mold.

Wedding Shower Cakes

Two of the six mini-heart shaped cakes are pictured. The others were decorated the same as the ones you see here.

Wishing all the best to Lynn and Eduardo!


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