HOPE Cookies

Baking Date: December 7, 2012

Our friends the Henigins have tickets for this weekend’s Steelers game, so we won’t be going to their house to watch the game.  I decided to make some goodies for them to take with them on the drive — pumpkin spice cookies. I added cream cheese frosting on top, and a cinnamon sugar mix sprinkled on that.

I used a seasonal Pumpkin Spice cookie mix from Betty Crocker.  There’s also a Paula Deen recipe I use, when I can’t find the mix.

I had plenty of cookies and with some of the leftovers decided to make a few for a baseball mom who is fighting like a girl.  She’s been battling breast cancer for over a year now. HOPE is a word that is very important to her.

Using some of the leftover pink cream cheese icing from the bridal shower cake I had just made, I decorated the pumpkin spice cookies.  I then spelled out HOPE in light pink sugar pearls.

HOPE cookiesWho could you provide a little HOPE for?


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