76ers Cake

Baking Date: December 10, 2012

My friend Ella commissioned me to make a birthday cake for her cousin’s son.  He is a HUGE 76ers fan, so she asked if I could make a basketball themed cake for him.  The only other request was that the cake be marble.

I decided to do the team logo:

76ers logo

76ers logo

I started with a box mix for marble cake, and put a first layer of vanilla frosting on.  I then hand-drew an outline of the 76ers logo on the top.  I traced the outline in with sparkle gel frosting in red, then blue and finally white. I added an orange candy melt basketball-shape above the 7 (in place of all the stars in the logo).  I added black sugar sprinkles to the candy melt to give it some additional texture, and finished the seams of the basketball with black sparkle gel frosting.

I added blue candy melt star shapes on the right side of the logo, with the name GENE spelled out in white sparkle gel frosting.  I finished up the top and sides of the cake using a #18 tip to create stars with vanilla icing dyed orange, with black sugar sprinkles mixed in for additional texture.

Note: This cake was taken on a three hour drive to deliver to the intended recipient.  The sparkle gel frosting will set if you put it in the frig, but may run once it starts to return to room temperature. I added extra orange icing border around the sparkle gel frosting to help keep it from running.

View from the top

View from the top

Side view of cake

Side view of cake


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