Kentucky Butter Cake

Baking Date: December 14, 2012

Each year, the women in my husband’s family gather for a Christmas Luncheon in December.  It’s an opportunity to come together and enjoy one another’s company, without having to worry about entertaining kids or husbands.

I have been invited to the Luncheon since my husband and I got engaged, back in 1998. I’ve attended every Luncheon but two, missing one just after I had back surgery and another when I had already planned my family’s annual Christmas cookie bake/exchange on the same day.

This year, instead of going out to a restaurant and then heading back to the host’s house for desserts and coffee, we are going to converge on the host’s house for a catered lunch.  Given that the family knows (and appears to appreciate) my affinity for baking, I was asked to bring a Kentucky Butter Cake.

I made the cake and had taken it to a family gathering this Summer, after the host’s father had passed away suddenly.  Kentucky Butter Cake is a rich, dense cake. It received high praise, as Uncle Jerry had been a big fan of pound cake. The host reached out to me personally to make the request that I bring it.

I always dust the cake with powdered sugar.  I added red and green cake sparkles on top of the powdered sugar since this was a Christmas party.

Kentucky Butter Cake

The cake has actually become my “go to” when there is a family in need of comfort after a tragedy or loss.  I offer my love and support through my baking.


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