White Russian Cheesecake

Baking Date: January 4, 2013

On my last Friday before I start a new job, I celebrated with a Bloody Mary brunch with my friend Rebecca.  While the Bloody Mary’s were the focus of celebrating my new job, I decided to make a cheese cake for us to enjoy as well.

I found a recipe for a White Russian cheese cake on the Betty Crocker site and decided to make that.  I purchased a spring form pan —  this was my first attempt at making a cheese cake.

The only thing about the recipe I would note is that the baking time should be about 1 hour and not 40 minutes.  After 40 minutes the cheese cake was certainly not fully cooked in the center.  I would also use a piping bag to put the chocolate drizzle on because otherwise you end up with glops of chocolate when you begin to decorate the top (as evidenced in the picture below!).

White Russian Cheese Cake

White Russian Cheese Cake

Here’s to a new job and a great professional start to 2013!


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