Goodies for My New Gang

Baking Date: January 23, 2013

January 24 was a big day at my new employer. The first test of 2013 — given throughout the year on various dates — was launching across the world. We were ready in the event there were any issues or concerns.

It was pretty much all hands on deck, so I decided that everyone would be more “on deck” with a little sugar to help them out.  Because I was baking on a weeknight, I used boxed mixes and canned frosting to cut down the prep time.

I made butter cupcakes, topped with vanilla frosting. I then added purple and gold sprinkles on top (the colors we use in our outreach/promotional materials).

Butter cupcakes with vanilla frosting

Butter cupcakes with vanilla frosting

I also made double chocolate cookies.  I altered the recipe, substituting purple and gold M&Ms for the semi-sweet chips.  I have made other substitutions for this cookie: peanut butter chips for semi-sweet, milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet, mint chips for semi-sweet (mint chips are usually available around the holidays), and M&Ms for semi-sweet chips. To make mint chocolate without the special chips, I have substituted a 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint extract for the vanilla extract.

Double chocolate cookies with M&Ms

Double chocolate cookies with purple and gold M&Ms

Test day went off without a hitch.  And the goodies were a hit.  When I was asked if I like to bake, I showed one staff member my album on Facebook of all my baking.

When I got home on Friday, one of the baseball families stopped by and gave me a back to work gift.  It’s a brag book for my baking that I can show my new co-workers.  I love the name they came up with — Becky’s Yummygooders!  I can’t wait to take it to work on Monday.


Becky’s Yummygooders


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