Baking Date: February 2, 2013

If you follow this blog, you know that we are a family of Steelers fans.  So this year’s SuperBowl was a total bummer — our arch rival the Ravens made it to the big game and eventually won.

On the bright side, only 6 1/2 more months until next season’s NFL kickoff!

We were invited to a SuperBowl party, hosted by Ravens fans. We had already made plans for that day, but since the family that invited us was part of the baseball/basketball family our boys play sports with, I wanted to make them a treat for their party anyway.

I used the Wilton football cake pan. The cake was a white box mix, dyed purple. I don’t have a picture of the cake once they cut into it — sorry!  My husband suggested it would have been much funnier to make it yellow and dark chocolate marble cake inside, so they would be surprised once they cut into it.

I used milk chocolate frosting for the football, and vanilla frosting for the laces.  The stars are purple candy melts with RAVENS spelled out using black sparkle gel frosting.  Around the edge I piped a decorative burst in the vanilla frosting and placed a purple M&M in the center of each burst.  I also added a few smaller purple candy melt stars on top of the football.

Ravens cake

Baking Date: February 18, 2013

A baseball mom friend asked me to make a cake for her son, celebrating the big SuperBowl win.  I decided to make the tri-colored cake in black, white and purple.  I used a box dark chocolate cake that I dyed with black food coloring to darken even more.  The white cake mix was divided and one half I left white, the other I colored purple.

For the icing, I used milk chocolate canned icing, dyed darker with the black food coloring. I used vanilla canned icing, leaving some white and coloring the other part purple.  I added purple and black sprinkles (which I only have for Halloween decorating).  I made purple candy melt stars and piped RAVENS on individual stars with black sparkle gel frosting.

Ravens tri-color cake

Ravens tri-color cake

Ravens tri-color cake from top

Ravens tri-color cake from top

With the extra cake batter, I made a mini loaf of cake for his mom. To decorate it, I used the remainder of the white frosting, with some purple star-shaped candy melts that had black sugar sprinkles mixed in.  I then topped it with purple and black sugar sprinkles.

Ravens mini cake loaf

Ravens mini cake loaf

No offense Ravens fans, but I hope it is a very long time before anyone again asks me to make a cake celebrating that team.  Like, nevermore.


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