Basketball Party

Baking Date: March 9, 2013

Our oldest son had his end-of-season basketball team party on Saturday.  I offered to make desserts (of course!) for the boys and their families who would be attending.

I prepared a devil’s food cake in 9″ round pans.  I then decorated the cake with vanilla icing, dyed orange.  I added black sugar sprinkles for texture, along with the seams done in black sparkle gel frosting. At the base, I piped on plain vanilla frosting with a #22 Wilton tip, and added blue sparkle gel frosting dots.  The team’s colors are royal blue and white.

Basketball Cake

I also made a Kentucky butter cake.  This is a rich, heavy pound cake recipe.  I had made it for my son’s coach when his grandmother passed away (it’s my go-to sympathy/wake offering). He raved about it so much, that I decided to make it again for this party.  I added blue shimmer dust to the powdered sugar on top.  I left the remainder of the cake with the coach once the party was over.

Kentucky Butter CakeI decided to make cookies for the party. I went with a snickerdoodle recipe with a fun twist – they are baked with rolos inside. I think the adults liked them more than the kids.

Snickerdoodles with rolosI posted the pictures of the goodies on my facebook wall prior to the party, but there was one surprise goodie I had.  That’s why there is an empty half to the cookie tray.

The surprise was S’more bites.  It’s a very simple recipe – dip a regular size marshmallow in melted chocolate and then dip that into graham cracker crumbs.

Smore BitesIt was a good season, with a great bunch of families. Looking forward to next year!


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