My oldest son’s team wears a pink ribbon patch on their travel/All Star uniforms. We have a team mom who is a breast cancer survivor — going into her 6th year cancer free! Last year, I made her a cake to celebrate her very important 5 year milestone.

We have another mom who was diagnosed about 18 months ago and has gone through chemo, radiation and the host of indignities that every cancer patient suffers through. HOPE is a very important word to her.  She embraces the pink and I’ve made a few sweets for her, including a Pink/White/Hot Pink cake in October for Breast Cancer Awareness:

HOPE cake

HOPE cake

some cookies with hot pink frosting that spelled out HOPE:

HOPE cookies

HOPE cookies

and a HOPE red velvet heart-shaped mini cake out of some extra batter I had from another baking project:

Bringing sweet HOPE to those who need it

Bringing sweet HOPE to those who need it

When I heard about the Honorary Bat Girl Contest on Mother’s Day co-sponsored by Major League Baseball and Louisville Slugger, I immediately thought of my baseball family.  Without reading the details, I suggested the contest to the daughter of the mom currently in the fight.

Sarah Grace was very excited and wrote an essay about why she would like to be considered. Turns out you have to be 18 years old to be nominated to win. Sarah Grace is not yet in high school. Disappointed — but not discouraged — she immediately wrote a nomination for her mom.

I hope you will consider voting for any of the amazing women who have been nominated.  You can search by baseball team to select someone local to you.  But I also HOPE you’ll read the story of my fellow baseball mom Krista. You can vote for Krista here:  http://bit.ly/VoteKristaMc

Sarah Grace is an amazing young lady. Her efforts to honor her mother and other breast cancer victims gives us the HOPE we all need.

Krista and Sarah Grace

Krista and Sarah Grace


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