Home Run Baseball Cupcakes

Baking Date: April 12, 2013

One of the teammate’s from my son’s travel and All Star baseball team left us this year to play on a full-time travel team. It’s always sad to lose one of your players, but Jax wanted to elevate his game and talents with a full time travel team.

Jax recently played with his new team in a tournament at The Ripken Experience. During one of the games, he belted a shot over the wall for a homerun. His mom posted the video of Jax’s shot (and her whooping it up in the background!), his trip around the bases and his teammates greeting him at home plate.

In honor of this accomplishment, I made him baseball cupcakes inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. The cupcakes are yellow cake with vanilla frosting. The stars are made of red candy melts using a star-shaped mold. The writing on the stars is with black sparkle gel frosting. The word H O M E R U N is written in red sparkle gel frosting.  The red seams on the baseballs are made using red M&Ms.

Home run cupcakes

Home run cupcakes

Congrats Jax!


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