Baseball Cupcakes 3.0

Baking Date: May 4, 2013

I’m always looking for another way to highlight baseball via cupcakes for my sons’ teams. I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try:

Baseball Cupcake version 3.0

Baseball Cupcake version 3.0

I found a similar cupcake on the Martha Stewart site

photo (c) Martha Stewart Cupcakes, June 2009

photo (c) Martha Stewart Cupcakes, June 2009

But I went with the original look. I used a devil’s food box mix with milk chocolate frosting. I will say that I used more than one bottle of the white non-pareils.  It takes a lot of dipping to get coverage on the entire frosted cupcake. It really is noticeable when you don’t get full coverage.

I then piped on the seams with vanilla frosting dyed red.

Baseball Cupcakes 3.0

Baseball Cupcakes 3.0

Close enough, right?


4 thoughts on “Baseball Cupcakes 3.0

    • Thank you. A bit more work than I thought they would be. Getting the non-pareils on was quite the trick! There are still some spots I missed, but overall I was pretty pleased. More importantly – the kids loved them!

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