Mother’s Day Cupcakes and Cookies

Baking Date: May 11, 2013

It’s no surprise to my readers that I spent a Sunday in the Spring at a little league ball park. In fact, I was in a total of three ball parks, for 4 games on Mother’s Day. My oldest son had a tournament – with all games rained out on Saturday crammed into Sunday. My youngest had one game.

For the moms on my youngest son’s team (well, for all the kids, moms and dads), I made Key Lime cookies and Orangesicle cookies.  These are from a box mix by Pillsbury – not sure if they are limited edition/seasonal or not.  There is also a pink lemonade flavor, and all flavors come in cake mixes as well, and have corresponding frosting flavors.

Key Lime OrangesicleI made the cookies and topped them with vanilla frosting and sprinkled the corresponding colored sugar sprinkles on top. Here’s what was left after the game:

Key Lime and Orangesicle Cookies

Key Lime and Orangesicle Cookies

For my oldest son’s team, we’ve been together as a group since the boys were nine (some of them, since their boys were 8). While a few players come and gone, the core group of about 8 boys has remained solid.  We have spent many a weekend together cheering our boys on during some unexpectedly frigid late Spring months and through blistering heat in the middle of Summer. Through it all, they’ve been a supportive group of families — on and off the field.

This year, I made Mother’s Day cupcakes for the moms. I made devil’s food cupcakes (from a box mix), topped with milk chocolate frosting (from a can).  I made roses using vanilla candy melts and the Roses in Bloom Wilton candy mold tray. I used pink candy sprinkles to give the roses a flush of pink, because we have two moms who are breast cancer survivors.

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Since we are the Lions and our colors are royal blue, black and white, I also got each mom a pair of “bling” paw earrings in royal blue from Thunder Rock Jewelry. For the two survivors, they got “bling” paw earrings in pink. I put them in a white netting bag, and tied them off with pink ribbon that had a paw print on it (what a perfect find at AC Moore!). For moms that don’t have pierced ears, the earring can be removed and placed on a necklace.

Paw Earrings in special bags with ribbon for each mom

Paw Earrings in special bags with ribbon for each mom

Hope you had a chance this year to find a way to honor all the moms who touch your life in a special way!


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