Father’s Day Baseball Cupcakes (and More!)

Baking Date: June 15, 2013

On Father’s Day weekend this year, our youngest son had a baseball tournament in which he played 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. My oldest son had a doubleheader scrimmage on Sunday. And we were invited to a neighborhood school’s out party Saturday night.

To top it off, one of the kids on my youngest son’s team had hit a home run the weekend before and I needed to make him a cake.  Sometimes I need another weekend for baking to get ready for all the weekend’s events!

First was Dylan’s home run cake. I asked him what kind of cake he liked and he blurted out “ice cream cake”! So I had to burst his bubble and tell him I could only make a regular cake. He asked for a vanilla cake, so I made that with a buttercream frosting. I added the stitches with red sparkle gel frosting. I spelled out home run in blue sparkle gel frosting.  His name was made using blue star-shaped candy melts, with white sparkle gel frosting to spell out his name. The grass was made using Wilton #233 tip and frosting dyed green, around the edge of the baseball. I added a few extra blue candy melt stars around the edge in the “grass”.

Dylan's Home Run Cake

Dylan’s Home Run Cake

I made Father’s Day cupcakes for the dads on my oldest son’s team. The cupcakes were chocolate with green “grass” on top. I added the Wilton baseball icing decorations. Note: This is the second time I’ve used them and they don’t peel off the paper very easily. I ended up spending a lot of time scraping the paper off the back.

Fathers Day Cupcakes

Fathers Day Cupcakes

So for the rest of the goodies, I made

  1. cupcakes for my youngest son’s team games on Saturday – vanilla (the rest of the home run cake batter) with white frosting and royal blue shimmer dust
  2. orange creamsicle gooey butter cookies (substitute orange creamsicle cake mix for butter cake mix) and Snickerdoodle bread for the end of school neighborhood party
  3. a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for my older son’s double header on Sunday
  4. a batch of orange creamsicle cookies and key lime cookies for my youngest son’s games on Sunday
Father's Day Weekend Goodies

Everything for Father’s Day Weekend activities

Yep. I definitely need another weekend to get ready for my weekend!

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