Grand Slam Cupcake Cake

Baking Date: July 6, 2013

One of my oldest son’s All Star teammates hit a fence-clearing grand slam at a tournament.  Of course, the first reaction from the kids was “Wow! I wonder what kind of cake Mrs. Rice will make you for that!”

For the past three years, I have made home run cakes for the kids on my sons’ teams who hit them. While my oldest has played recreational league, travel and All Star for the past three years, this year my youngest made the travel and All Star team for his age group as well. I’ve made 4 cakes this year.  I even made one for a kid who is not on either of my son’s teams, but who hit a grand slam (technically, a triple with a throwing error). I know his parents, so I figured wouldn’t that be a nice, pay-it-forward thing to do.

Over the years, I have made 8 home run cakes.  The kids get so jazzed about it – I love that.

I was looking for a special cake to make for this kid.  I’ve known his family for four years now – which is how long both of our oldest boys have played together.  Our youngest sons also play together this year on the travel and All Star teams for their age group.

So I found this picture:

The inspiration cupcake cake

The inspiration cupcake cake

but decided I would put my own twist on it.  So here’s what I did.

Mickey wanted chocolate cake, so I made him devil’s food cupcakes in green paper cups.

You really have to push them close together

You really have to push them close together

I frosted the “infield dirt” with buttercream icing and then rolled them in Wilton Turtle Crunch topping.

The "dirt" is done

The “dirt” is done

The outfield and infield grass is buttercream frosting dyed green, piped on using a Wilton #233 tip.  Note: you’ll probably need to fill some gaps between cupcakes – no one will mind all the extra icing in between cupcakes!

For the bases and home plate, I used vanilla candy melts and piped them into the shapes of squares and a pentagon. For Mickey’s name, I used vanilla candy melts in the shape of stars, with green sparkle gel frosting to spell out his name.  For the words “GRAND SLAM” I used peanut butter candy melts in the shape of small stars, with red sparkle gel frosting to spell it out.

The bat is made from the peanut butter candy melts and vanilla candy melts. I modeled it after the bat Mickey uses:

DeMarini Bat

DeMarini Bat

I printed out the picture of the bat, taped wax paper over it and then piped on the melted peanut butter and vanilla candy melts. I wrote the name of the bat in black sparkle gel frosting.

The baseball in the upper right corner was made using vanilla candy melts with the Wilton large sports lollipop mold. I painted on the seams using red sparkle gel frosting.

I added a pink ribbon candy melt, because Mickey’s mom is the 2013 Honorary Bat Girl for the Baltimore Orioles – and still battling this dreaded disease.

So here it is all put together.

Grand Slam Cupcake Cake

Grand Slam Cupcake Cake

When people ask me why I bake, I say because of this:

From the heart

From the heart

Way to go Mickey.


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