Family Reunion Cakes

Baking Date: July 5, 2013

This year, my maternal grandmother’s family had a reunion. The siblings were Maguire, Violet (my grandmother), Jane, Martha, Anna, Jack and Joe.

While none of the siblings from my grandmother’s generation are still alive, Joe’s wife Billie is still with us — an amazingly sharp, adventurous and strong lady at 91! And this is a family who can pro-create like no one’s business.   These are the descendants from just my great uncle Maguire (Mac) Mattingly:

That's a lot of Mattinglys!

That’s a lot of Mattinglys!


For the reunion, each branch of the family was asked to provide food in a specific area. My mother let the Violet Mattingly branch know that because a certain someone (ahem, that’d be me) was constantly posting her homemade treats on Facebook, our branch had been designated desserts.

I decided to make the Mattingly family crest design on a cake.  But perhaps I should have checked into what the crest actually looked like before I bragged that I would do that. Because this is the family crest:

Uh....what was I thinking?

Uh….what was I thinking?

So I decided in the interest of time and my sanity, I would focus on the center coat of arms and the lettering.  I printed out the lettering and taped a piece of wax paper over it. I then used chocolate melts and piped them onto the wax paper over the font.

I made a marble cake in a square pan (I used the middle sized pan in this group).  This pan uses 2 box mixes worth of batter.  I iced the cake using buttercream frosting and then piped on the coat of arms using sparkle gel frosting in red, white and blue. I outlined it in black.  I outlined the base of the cake with a star decorating tip using the buttercream frosting.

I then placed the letters on the cake.  And here’s what the final product looked like:

Mattingly Coat of Arms

Mattingly Coat of Arms

But I wasn’t done there. I decided that what would be needed is the real coat of arms for the Mattingly family.  So I made this cake – devil’s food with buttercream icing, sparkle gel frosting in white, red, black and gold to create the design and buttercream frosting dyed red around the top and bottom edges of the cake:

The other family crest

The other family crest – do you think Budweiser will sue me?

Food, family and fun. It doesn’t get much better than that.


2 thoughts on “Family Reunion Cakes

  1. First, you are quite talented! And creative. I just wanted to share with you that unfortunately, that is not the Mattingly family crest. Well, it is, but not for your Mattinglys, or for mine. Heraldry, or coats of arms, were created for individuals as reward for service to country or valor in battle and such. It was designed specifically for that person and has no association with other families. It was only through time that other families who had no crest designed for them began adopting ones already designed for other families of the same name. I had made the same mistake until I began researching heraldry. After discovering the misnomer, I decided to research the symbolism used in various coats of arms and created one specifically for my father and “our” Mattinglys (I’m a graphic design teacher at a local high school). You can check it out here if you like: Anyway, best of luck in your future baking adventures. You truly have a gift!

    • Hello Frederick neighbor! I do know that the logo I used for Mattingly was not the full logo. It had way to much detail for me to complete that cake, the Budweiser cake, and a bunch of cookies that weekend for my two sons’ baseball tournaments. It was a version of the logo my uncle had sent me, with short-cut liberties taken. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work!

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