First Pitch Ceremony Cupcakes

Baking Date: July 12, 2012

This year, one of our team moms was selected as the Honorary Bat Girl for the Baltimore Orioles. This event was sponsored by Major League Baseball, Louisville Slugger and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The first pitch ceremony took place during games played on Mother’s Day around the league. For those teams that were away, they could have the ceremony on another day, once they returned to their home field.

The Orioles did it on a Tuesday night. Because it was during the school year and Camden Yards is over an hour from where we live, only 3 baseball families were able to be there on our team mom’s special night.  So the baseball team moms decided that we would re-create the first pitch ceremony for the team during the opening game of the State Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken 11U State Tournament. Our team was hosting the tournament and we could make a real ceremony of it!

We asked the team mom to be there to throw out the first pitch. It was an especially moving ceremony. Our team mom had a routine follow up scan a week ago (after a clear scan 3 months earlier), which revealed a new mass. The morning of our game, she had a biopsy so that they could determine if the mass was a recurrance of the cancer.  She had 5 stitches from her biopsy and was on some pain medication as she made the first pitch to her son.

She didn’t know about a few surprises we had in store. We gave her a pink bat, engraved with her name, signed by all the boys on the team and the coaches. The visiting team gave her a ball, signed by all their players and coaches that said “We’re rooting for you!”.  I videotaped the ceremony:

Given it was such a special night – I made a special treat.  I baked devil’s food cupcakes, topped with vanilla frosting dyed royal blue (team color), white sugar pearls and a white heart-shaped candy melt, dyed hot pink.

Royal blue icing with hot pink heart-shaped candy melts

Royal blue icing with hot pink heart-shaped candy melts

I also made pink lemonade gooey butter cookies, using the Pillsbury pink lemonade cake mix as the substitute in the recipe.

Pink lemonade gooey butter cookies

Pink lemonade gooey butter cookies

We’re all rooting for you, Krista!


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