Breast Cancer Fundraiser Cupcakes and Cake

Baking Date: August 8, 2013

I’ve made goodies for breast cancer battlers, and I wish I didn’t have to tell you there is another mom who needs our community’s help.  Cassie is a beautiful person — inside and out — who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer this Spring. Her son is in my oldest son’s class, and they play football together.  She also has an older son and a younger daughter.

Cassie works as a waitress and has had to give up the job because of her chemotherapy treatments. Even with her husband working, things are pretty tight for the family financially, and the community is rallying to help her with an number of fundraisers, including a “Pink Yard Sale”.  That involves people donating items to the Yard Sale, and all the money for items sold will go to the family. I’m donating the glide rocker in our basement that helped rock our boys to sleep, but now has a higher calling as something that can bring comfort to Cassie’s family in the form of money raised.

Another fundraiser is the “Clips for Cassie” event. Cassie’s mom is a licensed stylist and is donating an entire day of her talent and time to give back-to-school haircuts to people in the neighborhood, in exchange for a donation to Cassie and her family.  My good friend and graphic designer extraordinaire Rebecca Henigin came up with the design for our flyer:

Clips for Cassie Fundraiser Flyer

Clips for Cassie Fundraiser Flyer

I offered to make special goodies for anyone who got their hair cut, and made a donation. Cupcakes seemed like the most simple single-serving treat.

I purchased Wilton Pink Wave Baking Cups. They are nice and tall and give the cupcake a lovely package. I used a devils food box mix for the cupcakes, and a canned vanilla frosting, dyed pink using Wilton’s icing color in Rose. The designs on top of the cupcakes were made using Wilton icing tips in #48, #12 , and #234 in different ways. I topped them off with Wilton candy eyeballs.

This is how they turned out:

In addition to the cupcakes, I made a special cake for the family. The cake was a white box mix. I put a bit of the batter aside and colored it pink using the Wilton Rose color. I then marbled the rose batter into the white batter in a 9″ x 13″ pan. I frosted the cake with a canned vanilla frosting, and I used pink and black sparkle gel frosting to draw on the design from the flyer. I made the heart and the pink ribbon from pink candy melts. I piped bursts around the edge of the cake in the leftover dyed pink frosting, using the #48 tip.

It was pretty humid in my kitchen, so I’m a bit bummed the “C” in Cassie ran some. I find you have to be mindful of the icing running when you use these sparkle gel frostings. You need to refrigerate them to help keep the shape of your design.

Here’s a few views of the cake:

I hope these sweet treats brought an extra bit of happy to the Clips for Cassie event. What good deed could you do that would help brighten someone’s day?


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