Spider Web Cupcakes

Baking Date: October 26, 2013

I was invited to a neighborhood Halloween party by one of the football moms from my oldest son’s team. Since I never hit a party empty-handed, I decided to make spider web cupcakes.

I used a devils food box mix for the cupcakes, with purple liners. I dyed vanilla icing orange, and frosted the cupcakes.

Then I used black sparkle gel frosting to create the beginning of the web.  I place one dot in the center, draw a circle around that, and another circle around that. Using a toothpick, I drag it through the icing from the dot on top down to the edge of the cupcake, making lines out from the center. I wipe off the toothpick between cupcakes.

Cupcake up close

Cupcake up close

Each cupcake looks different

Each cupcake will look slightly different

In the box and ready to go to the party

In the box and ready to go to the party

Happy Halloween!


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