Starting My Own Christmas Tradition

Baking Date: December 23, 2013/Cookie Decorating Date: December 24, 2013

Years ago, my parents would load up the VW van with me and my three sisters, and a bunch of homemade goodies mom had prepared. We would then travel around to my mom’s elderly aunts and uncles, as well as my sister’s Godparents in the area (mine lived out of town), making deliveries, and sitting for a few minutes to chat and wish each other Merry Christmas.

At the time, it seemed like a huge bore to us kids, but looking back now I remember that the elderly aunts and uncles were delighted by the visit. They marveled at how big we had gotten since they last saw us. One uncle even made his own ornaments — each year he let all four of us go to the tree and pick an ornament to take home.

Last year was a particularly tough one for me. I had gotten laid off at the start of the baseball season for our boys, and didn’t get a job until December 31. My baseball family was incredibly supportive of me, and were my biggest fans when I finally did get a job.

On Christmas Eve in 2012, my son Alex and I traveled around our town making goodie deliveries to all of the families on his team. Doing so warmed my heart, and I understood why delivering goodies and visiting with family was so important to my mom and dad all those years ago.

This year, I decided that the Christmas Eve goodie delivery to our baseball family was going to be my tradition.  So, I prepared mini-breads and cookies for all the families.

The breads included:

  • Snickerdoodle bread (best when rewarmed in the microwave for 20 seconds — for some reason the edges get hard once the bread cools). Note that cinnamon chips may be difficult to find at your grocery store when it’s not the holiday season.
  • Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips on top
  • Banana bread with sugar in the raw on top
  • Caramel apple bread with caramel apple frosting (frosting microwaved for 20 seconds and drizzled on top). Note that this also appears to be a seasonal item, available from November – December.

The cookies were all round sugar cookies, decorated using cookie icing in white, green, and red, as well as a variety of sugar shapes and sprinkles.  Note, the cookie icing is very runny once you warm it and takes awhile to dry. It’s also tough to control the amount that comes out since the bottle only has one size opening.

Here’s the whole batch of goodies:

Breads, cookies and decorations - oh my!

Breads, cookies and decorations – oh my!

Here’s a gallery of the items:

Each family received a box full of breads and cookies, along with a Christmas card. It’s just one more way for me to give back while honoring a tradition my parents started.

Hope you found a way to bring a smile to your family (or almost family) this holiday season!


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