M&M Basketball Cake

Baking Date: March 8, 2014

Sports are a big part of my family’s life. When we aren’t cheering on our sons in baseball, lacrosse (new this year!), football, and basketball … we are cheering on the local high school teams. We have a number of friends whose kids play on those teams. And some day, we anticipate our junior Lions will be part of the high school scene.

Go Lions!

Go Lions!

One of our oldest son’s basketball and baseball teammates has a sister who plays on the girls high school girls varsity basketball team. Lana has cheered on many of her brother’s games, and we attended her playoff game this past week where the winner went on to the Regional Championship. They won that game, to earn a spot in the Regional Championship final.

We weren’t able to attend the Regional Championship game — our youngest son was sick. It had been awhile since I made goodies as part of my pay-it-forward philosophy, and I had been dying to try out an inspiration cake I had seen on Pinterest:

Reeses Pieces cake

Reeses Pieces cake

I decided to make a cake for Lana to wish her and her team well in the Regional Championship game.  Lana likes chocolate, so I made a devils food cake.

Here’s how my cake turned out:

M&M basketball cake

M&M basketball cake

I did make a few adjustments from the inspiration cake:

  • I asked Lana’s mom if Lana like Reeses Pieces — and she doesn’t. I used M&Ms instead. Thanks Party City for having plenty of orange (and every other color of the rainbow!) M&Ms in stock! Note: this 9″ two layer cake required two 7 ounce bags of the orange M&Ms, and 1 bag of the 7 ounce brown M&Ms for full coverage
  • Instead of vanilla frosting as the base, I tinted vanilla frosting with Wilton icing coloring in orange

A few other nuances that were special for this cake:

Here’s the cake after all the decorating was done:

Lion paw basketball cake

Lion paw basketball cake

Lana Basketball Paw

Lion paw basketball cake side view

I delivered the cake to Lana before her family left for the game. Lana gave me a big hug.

The Lady Lions won the game on the opposing team’s home court, to earn a spot in the State Championship Final Four:

Lady Lions win

The buses they rode back from the game were escorted to the high school by the local Sheriff and the town’s Volunteer Rescue Squad, with lights and sirens blaring. The girls were greeted by a large crowd of family, friends, and fans.

Once back at the high school, senior Lana got to cut down the net from their home court:

Lana cuts down the home court net

Lana cuts down the home court net

They will play in the semi-final Wednesday, and if they win, go on to the 2A State Championship Game this coming Saturday.  Way to go Lady Lions!

Who could you celebrate in a special, sweet way this week? Keeping paying it forward people!


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