Frozen-inspired Cupcakes

Baking Date: March 14, 2014

My friend Rebecca’s daughter turned 7 this past weekend. She asked me if I could make some Frozen-themed cupcakes, since Sami’s party had that theme. I googled ‘Frozen themed cupcakes’ and got lots of good ideas, including one for the snowman Olaf:

Olaf cupcake

The inspiration Olaf cupcake

I decided I would make one Olaf, and the rest blue, with snowflakes and white sugar sprinkles on top. Unfortunately, my Olaf cupcake didn’t turn out like the picture. The gel I used for the mouth and eyebrows ran, and he looked more like Olaf the angry/wet/mascara running snowman. I usually take a picture of my both successes and failures, like this failure from Christmas:

Nailed It!

Nailed It!

But before I could get a picture of angry Olaf, I said to my oldest son “I ruined the Olaf cupcake.” He came in to look, picked it up and began to eat it. I said “What are you doing? I didn’t get a picture of my screw up yet.” He said, “I thought you said you ruined it. I figured it was ok to eat it. It tastes good though.”

The rest of the cupcakes turned out much better. I started with a white cake batter, which I divided. I tinted some of it neon blue, and then attempted to make cupcakes with blue cake in the middle, using the two tone cupcake insert.

I made one row of these cupcakes. It was tough to get the batter into the small area, and next time I will use pastry bags to fill the insert instead of spoons. For the rest of the cupcakes, I put a layer of white batter then a layer of blue batter, and vice versa, so each cupcake would be slightly different when the party guests bit into them.

For the icing, I used vanilla tinted with the same neon blue.  I used a Wilton tip #32 to make the swirls on some, and just iced the rest (I was running out of enough frosting to make the swirls).

For the snowflakes, I used silicon molds in snowflake shapes from Judy Cakes Sugar Arts and filled them with white candy melts. These molds are delicate and you need patience to remove the candy melts from the molds once they have set.  There were a few snowflakes that were discarded because as I removed it from the mold it broke. My kids enjoyed eating these mistakes also.

After snowflakes had been placed on the cupcakes I added white sugar sprinkles on top. So the cupcakes ended up looking like this:

Icing swirl

Icing swirl

Basic icing

Basic icing

Here’s a few shots of the whole group:

And here are the cupcakes ready for transport (with the sad empty spot where Olaf would have gone).

Frozen 12 Frozen 13When I arrived to drop off the cupcakes, Sami broke into a huge grin and ran to give me a hug. Happy Birthday Sami!


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