Jell-O Cookies

Baking Date: April 11, 2014

As the baseball tournament season starts for my oldest son Alex, and my youngest begins his newest Spring sport lacrosse, it means that my oven is going to get a workout.  This past weekend, we had one lacrosse game for Nick, and a possibility for up to 5 baseball games in the tournament Alex was playing in.

I made a boatload of cookies for Saturday and Sunday – for lacrosse it was chocolate gooey butter cookies. It’s a modification of the recipe, where you use chocolate cake mix instead of butter cake mix. It’s the only cookie I make that my son Nick will eat (he’s crazy, right?).

For baseball, I made double chocolate cookies (I don’t recall where I got the recipe, so I have added it at the end of this post), substituting mint chocolate chips for regular chips. I also made a batch of the regular gooey butter cookies, and a batch of Rollo-stuffed snickerdoodles (head coach’s favorite). I also wanted to try a new recipe I had seen for Jell-O cookies.

With so many Jell-O flavors to chose from, they seem very festive. I selected Berry Blue and Lemon, since our team colors are royal blue and gold.

JELL_O_BERRY_BLUE_400 Jell_O_Lemon

I did add a little Wilton icing color in royal blue and golden yellow, to give the color of the cookies some extra pop.

Jell-O Cookies: Lemon and Berry Blue

Jell-O Cookies: Lemon and Berry Blue

I did add on sugar sprinkles in yellow and blue (because, of course, I have those!) on top before baking.

We ended the weekend with a loss in lacrosse. For baseball, we went to the championship game in our bracket and lost a close one in the championship game.

But win or lose, I try to make sure there’s always something sweet about the games.

Double Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Yes, I use this recipe card a lot!

Yes, I use this recipe card a lot!

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