Homerun Baseball Birthday Cake

Baking Date: April 14, 2014

One of my oldest son’s baseball teammates has a younger brother who is also quite talented on the diamond. Last year, they both played on the rec team my husband coached.

Andrew is on the bottom row far right, his brother Mickey is back row far right

Younger brother Andrew is in the front row far right, his older brother Mickey is in the back row far right

Over the weekend, Andrew had a double header on Sunday, which also happened to be his birthday. He hit a homerun — and Andrew knows that means cake! That’s because his brother Mickey has hit a homerun and a grand slam, and he received cakes for both. Because Andrew hit the homerun on his birthday, I decided to make it a little extra special.

Andrew’s mom said that he would like a vanilla cake. Just a few days earlier, one of the baseball families got me this Easter basket full of goodies as a thank you for all the treats I make for the team. So I decided to use the vanilla cake mix and blue frosting from that pay-it-forward act in my pay-it-forward for Andrew.

An Easter basket full of baking goodies

An Easter basket full of baking goodies

Andrew got the “standard” homerun cake (one 9″ round) frosted in vanilla with the baseball seams in red sparkle gel frosting. His name was added using candy melt stars with letters in sparkle gel frosting. The date was included using sparkle gel frosting. The green grass along the base is vanilla frosting dyed green and piped on using Wilton tip #233.  For the extra pop, I added star-shaped mini-cakes around the baseball using the remaining cake batter. They were frosted with Funfetti Aqua Blue (happy birthday) Vanilla frosting, that was part of my Easter basket. I added on the sprinkles that came with the frosting.

I brought the cake with me to a baseball game my son and Andrew’s older brother had the following night. I keep plenty of cake boxes on hand for delivering all the goodies I make. Andrew gave me a big hug and he insisted on “supervising” as his mom placed the box into the car, so that it was carefully loaded.

His mother posted this message on Facebook:

Wait -- dad didn't get a star?

Wait — dad didn’t get a star?

Seeing his dad say he hadn’t gotten a star — I took one of the leftover star mini-cakes, frosted it, and made a special delivery the next day:

Dad wants a star, dad gets a star

Dad wants a star, dad gets a star

Congrats on your homerun Andrew — hope this cake helped to make your birthday extra sweet!


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