Easter Basket Cupcakes (Almost)

Baking date: April 19, 2014

I was asked to bring dessert to the family gathering at Easter this year. I had seen a photo of a cupcake that I wanted to try. This was the inspiration photo I saw:

The inspiration cupcake

The inspiration cupcake

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the marshmallow rope. And not that I didn’t drag my family to four different locations on the Saturday afternoon before Easter looking for it. Notes to self: Start search for marshmallow rope well in advance of the day before Easter. And leave the husband and kids at home if you aren’t sure that you can find what you are looking for at the first craft/candy/grocery store where you stop to look. Reduces angst, frustration, and general grumpiness. For everyone.

Instead I bought some cow tails and Twizzlers, thinking one of the two would work. Unfortunately, both are too heavy to stay upright in the icing in a bent position, so I abandon the basket idea and went with just Jelly Belly jelly beans in grass.

I used the Wilton tip #233 to make the grass with dyed green vanilla icing the cupcakes and then added the Jelly Bellys on top of the icing. I also had some blue icing left over from another project, so when I ran out of green icing, I used the blue on the leftover cupcakes.

Happy Easter!


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