Bowling Cake

Baking date: May 2, 2014

Recently, I was asked to make a cake for the brother of one of my oldest son’s baseball teammates. Ryan has been bowling for awhile now, and finally cracked a milestone by bowling a 200 game. His mom wanted to celebrate the achievement with one of my cakes.

The only request was that it be a bowling themed cake, and the actual cake itself be marble flavor.

With those broad instructions, I decided to make a sheet cake and decorate it with a bowling pin, bowling ball, and candy melts in the shape of stars.

Once I baked the cake, I plotted out the bowling pin shape using toothpicks.

The outline of the pin made using toothpicks

The outline of the pin made using toothpicks

I then iced the cake with chocolate frosting up to the edge of the outline of the pin. I then filled in the pin shape with white frosting using a Wilton #18 tip. The red stripes were added using red sparkle gel frosting.

I made the bowling ball using a mini-half round pan with some of the batter from the marble cake mix. I put the two halves together to make the bowling ball. I asked what the bowling ball looked like and was told this was a good representation of the ball:

Bowling ball

Couldn’t be just one color, could it?

So, I decorated it with vanilla icing dyed orange. I then used red and black sparkle gel frosting drawn on randomly, and then swirled it around using a fork. I added three black dots in sparkle gel frosting for the holes.

I made red candy melts in star shapes. The larger stars were put on a stick and added on the top of the cake, above the bowling pin. I put the number 200 on those stars. The smaller stars were used to spell out Ryan’s name.

The ball was added near the pin, and secured for transport using four toothpicks to hold it in place. I finished up the cake with a border in white using the Wilton #31 tip and a dot of red sparkle gel frosting on each burst.

So here’s the finished product.  From above, you can’t really tell the bowling ball is three dimensional.

Ryan's 200 game cake

Ryan’s 200 game cake

I also took a picture from the side so that you can see the three dimensional aspect of the bowling ball:

Bowling cake from the side

Bowling cake from the side

Congrats on your 200 game, Ryan!


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