Fourth of July Flag Cake

Baking Date: July 3, 2014

My family was having a get together on July 4, and I was asked to bring desserts. I wanted something patriotic, and this picture had popped up in my Facebook feed a few days earlier.

Flag Cake 0


I’ve “liked” The Barefoot Contessa on Facebook, so I see her amazing creations all the time. I figured I could make this, as the recipe looked fairly straightforward.

I prepared the berries.



I made and baked the cake (it took closer to 30 minutes to bake fully).  I made the frosting the night before and found that it was not easy to pipe on after being in the fridge.  In the future, I would make the cake earlier in the day, let it cool, then make the frosting and put it on right away.

So, here’s how mine turned out:

Flag Cake 1In hindsight, I should have made the icing stars bigger, but overall, I think I nailed it:

Flag_Cake_Nailed_It_001Don’t worry — there have been plenty of times I didn’t “nail it”:

Nailed It!

Um…Nailed It?

Here’s hoping you had an amazing Fourth of July with people who are special to you.




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