Home Run Cakes from The Ripken Experience

Baking Date: July 5, 2014

In June of this year we had the marvelous opportunity to participate in a tournament at The Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had been fundraising for a more than a year to help cover the costs. We have played at The Ripken Experience in Aberdeen, MD at weekend tournaments, so the boys and their families were incredibly excited about this week-long adventure.

As is my custom, when the boys on my son Alex’s baseball team hit a home run I make them a home run cake. Three of the boys went yard during the tournament.

First there was Brett, who hit the ball over the fence in right field…after I had shouted “hit me…hit me!” while standing in right field taking pictures. Really! This was his swing:

Brett Home Run Swing

He damn near did hit me. This was Brett’s cake – a french vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I added star-shaped candy melts with his name, home run and the date added on in sparkle gel frosting. There is green grass piped on around the base of the baseball. This is the second cake I’ve made for Brett this season.

Ahalt Home Run CakeThe next two cakes were earned after I left the tournament. I had a business trip that overlapped with this event, so I flew out early Thursday morning as the championship round began. The home runs were hit during their first game in the championship round, which they lost. Editor’s note: Yes, the boys were sad to be out of the championship round early, but they spent the rest of the time in Myrtle Beach at water parks, on mini-golf course, at the beach, and enjoying each others’ company. That will be remembered long after losing in the championship round.

The first to hit a home run was Mickey. This is the third or fourth home run cake I’ve made for Mickey. One of his cakes was for a grand slam shot he put over the fence in a tournament. Mickey’s cake was a royal blue velvet cake, decorated in the usual way. I used regular vanilla icing and not the marshmallow icing the recipe called for.

Home Run Mickey

When I dropped the cake off for Mickey, I was greeted by Mickey, his dad, and his younger brother Andrew (who also has received a home run cake). Mickey’s mom and sister were out of town, so the “bachelors” let me know that the cake was going to be dinner!

The remainder of the royal blue velvet cake was used as half of a cake for the next home run hitter. Jake cranked a home run during the same game as Mickey. And before I could make the home run cakes for the boys, Jake hit a second home run during the team’s first game at a Fourth of July tournament. So I made him a double layer cake – one layer being the rest of the royal blue velvet cake and the other layer being the rest of the french vanilla cake. I dyed the french vanilla layer yellow since royal blue/yellow/white are the team colors.

Home Run Jake

Jake doesn’t like cake — at all. So I made the cake for his family to enjoy. I got Jake a gift card to Five Guys — because Jake does love meat.

Here’s Jake with his cake:

Jake and Cake

Jake and Cake

Here’s the inside of the cake:

Blue and gold - Go Lions!

Blue and gold – Go Lions!

As we head into the State Tournament this weekend, it is bittersweet. This is probably the last year many of these boys will be playing together, since things change at the next age level. It’s been a marvelous ride for the past 4 years.

No matter what happens at States, it’s been a pleasure to get to know these boys, their families, and to bring a bit of sweetness to their amazing accomplishments on the baseball field.

GVAA Baseball Magnet


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