Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

Baking Date: July 18, 2014

Each summer when my sister from Toronto comes for a visit with her family, we have a get together we call Cousins and Crabs. We steam a bunch of crabs, have burgers and dogs for the kids and get as many cousins together as we can from my mom’s family.

Four cousins live in California, one lives in Florida, one in Chicago, and one in Toronto. The rest of us are within a three-hour drive of one another. This year, we had 8 of the 13 cousins there.

I am always on dessert duty. So this time I made some brownies for the kids — a box mix that wasn’t anything special. For the adults, though, I wanted to try something new and summer-like. I had pinned a Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake recipe and thought that would be a great dessert.

These were the pictures from the inspiration cake:

A couple of notes about this cake.

  • It is super dense and the cake is very heavy. You probably won’t need a big piece.
  • Before squeezing the lemons for the juice, save one slice for the pretty garnish on top. I just cut the lemons in half, forgetting to save a slice before I began juicing them. So I didn’t have a slice for garnish.
  • Definitely don’t skip the blueberries in flour. That kept them from running as you fold them into the batter, and keeps the entire batter from turning blue due to the blueberries “bleeding”. I’m guessing that would work with most fruit-infused baking recipes.
  • I only made a two layer cake. The recipe indicates that the icing recipe is just enough for three layers, but I think you need to double it for three layers. I find it hard to believe the inspiration cake is iced using the recipe given, especially given how much icing is between layers and on the cake. You’ll see from my cake that with only two layers, there wasn’t much icing in between or on the outside.

So here’s my cake

Lemon blueberry cake 5

And here’s the inside — you can see that there isn’t as much icing between the two layers or on the cake as is depicted in the inspiration cake.

Lemon blueberry cake inside Lemon blueberry cake inside 3

The cake received great reviews and the recipe is definitely a keeper.


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