Orange Crush Cake

Baking Date: October 12, 2014

When someone I know loses a family member, I typically bake them something. My go-to sympathy treat is usually pound cake. I’ve made Kentucky Butter Cake many times, and not just for sympathy offerings.

A friend whose sons play sports with my kids lost her grandmother recently. This time, I again wanted to make a pound cake, because in my friend’s tribute to her grandmother, she mentioned her grandmother had a famous pound cake recipe. I decided to make something different, a cake I had recently pinned called Orange Crush Cake.

The step-by-step instructions are great on the Pioneer Woman’s site, including photos. I followed her recipe, adding orange zest to the batter and to the icing. I also added some orange icing color to the batter, because it is a light peach color with only the orange soda added.

Here’s the inspiration cake:

So perfect out of the bundt pan!

The inspiration cake looks so perfect out of the bundt pan!

Even though I “sprayed the heck” out of the pan, it didn’t come out as clean as the inspiration cake. And when it came to how good the icing looked in the inspiration cake:

Iced cake

The inspiration cake all iced up

Mine didn’t look like this. I was making this cake later on a Sunday evening. I have to get up very early for work, so I was unable to wait for the cake to cool completely before I poured the icing on. It melted in a bit.

So here’s my cake:

View from the top

View from the top

You can see the spots where the cake stuck to the pan a bit. If my icing had been put on when the cake was cool, it probably would have hidden the parts that got stuck on the pan.

The iced cake

The iced cake

In the end, however, it’s about the the taste. The recipients had cut into it before I was even home after delivering it (we only live two blocks apart!). They posted a picture to Facebook and let me know it tasted like orange creamsicle:

They cut into the cake and began devouring immediately!

They cut into the cake and began devouring immediately!

In the end, even though it didn’t look like the inspiration cake, it tasted great. And it brought some comfort to a family who had just lost a loved one.


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