Cupcakes for Football Players

Baking date: October 24, 2014

My son Nick’s football team finished up their season with a bowl game this weekend. I usually make goodies at the end of the season for the team. Making them for every game like I do during baseball season, would kill me (too many kids on the team and fans to bake for!). I also take tons of pictures of both my boys’ teams and post them to private group pages on Facebook.

A mom’s work is never done, right?

This year, I made personalized cupcakes for the players and coaches. I also made general cupcakes with royal blue frosting for parents, siblings, and fans who came to the game to cheer the team on.

During the week, I had made candy melts in yellow with the players’ numbers, and for the coaches, their last name initial. I found the letters and numbers molds at AC Moore. I also made lion paw candy melts in the team colors yellow and blue. I kept them refrigerated during the week.

I started with a box Butter Golden cake mix from Duncan Hines. I used special cupcake liners with a football design.  Baker’s note: you only need to fill the cupcake liners about half full of this particular batter. It really rises.

For the frosting, I used canned vanilla, dyed royal blue. I swirled on the icing, adding the uniform number on one side and the lion paw on the other for the players. For the coaches, I added their last name initial with a lion paw candy melt.

Here are the results:

I gave them to the players and coaches after the game. The players loved it.

I also had cupcakes with an “L” for Lions piped in with yellow sparkle gel frosting for siblings, family, cheerleaders, and other fans who came to the game.

I also made a batch of Rolo-stuffed snickerdoodles cookies.  Like I said — there are a lot of people who come to the games and I wanted to make sure I was covered.  I even had 5 packs of Skittles in case there was anyone with an allergy.

Our boys won 16-6. Which made those cupcakes and cookies taste even sweeter!

Way to go Lions!

The 2014 D2 JV Lions Football Team

The 2014 D2 JV Lions Football Team




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