Blue & Gold M&M Cookies

Baking date: November 6, 2014

Well, after the quarter-final game the previous week, our boys moved on to the semi-final game in the playoffs. Unfortunately, my organization’s annual meeting was the same weekend as this game, so I had to miss it.

I decided to put together a small goodie package for each boy and the coaches. I asked my husband to take the goodies and had made arrangements with another team mom to hand them out. My husband doesn’t like doing that kind of stuff, and he’s also an assistant coach, so he would be busy.

I made blue and gold M&M cookies. I used the cookie base from the Best, Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. Instead of chocolate chips, I used 1 cup of blue M&Ms and 1 cup of yellow M&Ms I purchased at Party City for each batch.  I placed two cookies in each of the royal blue goodie bags I also found at Party City.

These are the cookies:

Blue and gold M&M cookies

Blue and gold M&M cookies

And these are the cookies in their bags:

Too fancy for tween boys?

Too fancy for tween boys?

During the game while I was in Chicago, I received this text from the team mom:

Oh no...

Oh no…

Which lead to this text exchange with my husband:

In this case, the "f" word is forgot.

In this case, the “f” word is forgot.

On Saturday, my husband only had to make sure 5 things got into the car for the game. And two of those things (our sons Alex and Nick) can get in the car by themselves.

The boys won the game, but had no victory cookies. So on Tuesday, he took the cookies to practice for the players and coaches. They were all gone when he came home.

This Saturday when our boys play in the Super Bowl — win or lose — they will get their treats because I will be there. I’ll post pictures of the special goodies. Fingers crossed for a win!


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